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Trend: parallax scrolling – more than just a nice effect?

Parallax scrolling is a modern and current trend in web design – but what exactly is parallax scrolling and when is it used? Parallax scrolling is a technique that goes a long way back. Anyone who has ever played Super Mario on a Nintendo knows what a parallax scrolling effect is. Simply put: picture a car journey during which you look out of a side window.

Responsive Images - Already technically feasible, or what is the state of play?

At a time when mankind is using a smart phone for a third of all searches on Google, Internet sites must correspondingly be optimised for mobile devices. For this purpose, there are some technologies you can use to create professional Responsive Web Design. In our previous article we already reported extensively on Off Canvas Design, a technology for responsive web design. In this article we deal with Responsive Images.

Minimalism in Web Design

If we look back at the history of the Internet, we often notice that time passes extremely in Internet years. In the 90s, it was still normal to have blinking banners and cluttered websites. Such measures are now a real faux pas. Nowadays, web design should be minimalist and chic. This trend is evident in ...