We build Custom designed websites and mobile apps

Our roots are in web design and development. It goes without saying our work is tailor-made; our designs are unique and do not employ ready-to-use templates. We offer multiple digital services including, web design, app design, interaction design, UI/UX, graphic design, video editing, web development, HTML, CSS & Hosting.

Custom designed websites and mobile apps

We build Long-term relationships

with our clients. As your digital web agency, we take our responsibility very seriously and continue to offer support after your project is live. We will help train your teams, provide analytics support, offer a full-service maintenance and encourage ongoing QA.

We will not charge you any maintenance costs for your website or web application if you host your website with us

Long-term relationships

We are A full-service web agency with world-class hosting

Speed is everything, that is why high performing websites rank higher.

Our client's websites are hosted on state-of-the-art hardware platforms, which are replaced at no extra cost every 2 years to guarantee hassle-free and rapid access for internet users. Our websites are faster than 93% of all internet websites (source: Pingdom speed index).

A full-service web agency with world-class hosting A full-service web agency with world-class hosting

We build Websites – individual, exclusive and responsive

Higher - Further - Faster – Almost every company presents itself on a website and wants to be found and commissioned. So, how can you stand out of the crowd? The solution to this question is attractive individual content, intuitive navigation, high usability, fast loading times, clean code and advanced search engine optimization.

This is exactly what we are aiming at! Our websites are built from scratch so that everything is tailored to your unique company and exactly meet your requirements. We don't offer websites off the shelf, everything is customized for your business.

Websites – individual, exclusive and responsive

We create Web Designs for Tomorrow

In web design we focus on modernity and a user-friendly arrangement and layout of the entire content. Our tailor-made web designs offer visitors completely new experiences, as they are unique. Modern web design creates trust and offers a number of possibilities to meet today's demands for fast and intuitive navigation through websites. Visitors prefer clear structures that quickly bring the essential content to their minds and because of the huge number of mobile visitors we place great emphasis on a responsive design that makes viewing your website enjoyable for everyone – everywhere.

Web Designs for Tomorrow

The Luxembourg Bankers' Association

ABBL - Luxembourg's bankers' association - is the oldest and largest professional association in the financial sector. It gives its members legal and regulatory information, professional recommendations, a code of conduct, and represents them in social matters like negotiating working and salary conditions.

The Luxembourg Bankers' Association

Alpha Omega Au Pair Agency

Alpha Omega is a pioneering au pair placement agency in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Founded by Nina Mabenga, it helps families and au pairs find each other, and guides them through the process from initial research to connection.

Alpha Omega Au Pair Agency

Saoa Boutique South African Fashion

With stunning fashion jewellery and clothes inspired by South African style, Saoa Boutique creates pieces of artisan quality. From necklaces and bracelets to handbags and ornaments, each piece is handmade and lovingly created, to give you a unique look you'll love.

Saoa Boutique South African Fashion

De Mains De Maîtres

De Mains de Maîtres is a non-profit association supported by HRH Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg and the Luxembourgish Chamber of Trades, among others. Every two years, the association organises an exhibition of art objects created by craftsmen.

De Mains De Maîtres


Translating to 'my health', masante.lu, is an online pharmacy that helps people to buy healthcare products safely and easily. When Covid-19 rocked the world, people flocked to masante.lu to buy disinfectant products and face masks, to protect themselves and their families.


Power the Nature

Power the Nature provides agricultural solutions that respect the environment, respect farmers, and are certified by independent laboratories. They pride themselves on delivering efficient production methods that promote profitability for farmers while maintaining quality for consumers.

Power the Nature

Our specialities


Our work is tailor-made, designed from scratch by hand; the designs of our client's websites are unique and do not employ ready-to-use templates.


Our dedicated, in-house development team is committed to high quality. As our client, it goes without a saying that your website has error-free source code, is W3C standards compliant, is optimized for fast loading and to achieve a good search engine ranking (SEO).


As a web agency specialising in web design and UI/UX strategies, we have an eye on delivering digital experiences that are integrated and comprehensive, delivering both content and conversion opportunities to ensure user retention.


With load times far under 1 second and up-time guarantee above 99,70%, our websites are faster and perform better than 93% of all internet websites (source: Pingdom speed index).

About us

We are a small team of young, creative professionals with different backgrounds. We have been exploring & designing digital beauty since 1999 and have delivered remarkable projects for large and small clients. We were established in 1990 in Luxembourg as an IT consultancy and have evolved over the years into a full-service web agency with a multi-faceted customer portfolio.

A wide variety of customers from Luxembourg are not the only ones who come to us with their needs – we also serve customers in Germany, France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK and Switzerland, and we are not afraid to make the long trek to Iceland either!

Contact details

info@amyma.lu (+352) 29 71 24