We have earned the trust of 150+ customers, including these fine companies:
  • Comptoir des Fers et Métaux
  • MentisCura Diagnostics
  • Krieger and Associates
  • AXA Assurances Luxembourg
  • Carrelages De Cillia
  • Duhr Frères - Clos mon vieux Moulin
  • Hotel / Galerie Simoncini
  • Iceland Pro Cruises
  • LuxEnergie SA
  • Post and Telecom Luxembourg
  • Menuiserie-Joiney-Schreiner Ablondi
  • ALDO - Association des ostéopathes
  • Domaine viticile - winery Mathis Bastian
  • ConnectCom Telecommunications
  • Hotel - Restaurant DAHM
  • Toitures / Roofery EICH
  • Geradtec
  • Golf in Iceland
  • Happy Faces
  • Island Pro Travel tour operator
  • Island Tours Switerland, Germany and Austria
  • Multigone - Kleusberge
  • Nordic Pro Tours Switzerland
  • Immobilière - real estate agency ROXY
  • TNS Ilres
  • Entreprise de jardinage VERDA
  • Restaurant Windsor
  • Toitures / Roofery YANSENNE

Websites are like company buildings. Only the best architects can design sites that are more than functional: they also convey the company values. Rely on well-crafted advertising, developed by experts in close collaboration with you. Showcasing an up-market responsive web design, high level of functionality and user-friendly features.
That will also satisfy your Customers.

See for yourself.

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How can I produce high quality and unique content for my website?

And internet site can only function successfully if search motors can find it and customers encounter attractive and high quality text on it. However, that's not all. Really good content offers personalized added value and usefulness to web surfers.

How can I produce high quality and unique content for my website?
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Web design is our mission.

It's a job we do to perfection: a precision design of your custom website to suit your requirements. Every web site has a specific purpose, be it prospecting for new customers, introducing a company or selling items. We develop the most suitable web design solution to meet your requirements.

In doing this, we attach the greatest importance to using modern web design principles.

Ateliers KOCH S.A. - responsive web design

Naturally, we incorporate the minutest details in our design of your web site in order to fully meet your expectations and to provide the scope you want for your message. Need a web site design that can adapt to a multitude of terminals or one that is minimalist? Either way, we'll furnish the ideal web design for you.

The term web design describes only a portion of our services. We handle all phases of creating your web site, from planning and design, through to hosting. Our key requirement, quality, guides each phase of the process. We achieve this by determining the optimal web design strategy to use, then implementing it in a specific and coordinated manner. We create a clear, user-friendly web site that will attract your target audience. We examine every seam of each page in the web design process. That is how we produce code that is always valid and standards-based. Obviously, we optimize your web site for search engines using the most advanced SEO strategies.

We continuously seek to highlight the values of your company by producing the most suitable web design. Have a look at our references and judge for yourself!

An extract of our Portfolios, we are happy to point out what we are proud of.