Search engine optimisation is important for regional businesses too

The Internet has changed the business world forever. Instead of searching the Yellow pages for a company, many customers simply go online and find the business or product they need.

That means: the online presence of small and mid-sized companies, including search engine optimisation (SEO), is becoming more and more important, even if the company only provides services to local customers. But why is this the case? We would like to give you the answer:

Small companies or companies only active regionally often think they will need neither a website nor SEO. But this is simply not true! They need an optimised web presence as much as big companies do, although small and mid-sized businesses do need a specific type of search engine optimisation. We work with special SEO techniques to make regional providers more visible to their regional clientele and we can factor out enquires from outside the region if desired.

If we do not blend out global enquiries, the website of a local business appears among the international offers. Put bluntly, the local business drowns in the selection. Yet it is not at all complicated to switch from global to regional optimisation. It starts with displaying your location prominently on the homepage and including it in the website title. In addition to this, the location should also be named once again in the first sentence of the site’s text, to increase the relevance of the site for search engines. The same approach applies to all advertising and marketing measures: always name your location directly in advertisements and banner adverts.

Optimisation rests on targeted keywords. In local optimisation, the location is the most important key term. If visitors outside the target area search for your type of product or services in your area, search engines will show your website because it is linked to the sought location.

You can contact us any time for our help in optimising your company’s presence. We use the latest SEO techniques and ensure good results in search engines – meaning more customers.