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Real estate agency Roxy

The objective

The estate agency Immo Roxy matches its project Am Duerf. For a modern agency, a contemporary website is essential.

The solution

So we took over their website and redesigned it according to all the rules of web design. Our backbone is therefore responsive and as such optimally equipped for any terminal. The website always makes a good individual image - be it on a smartphone, tablet or PC. For this purpose, we have taken the chic design of the estate agency as a model and developed a corresponding web design - minimalist but with charm, elegancy and originality.
Everything that Immo Roxy does - its mission, its projects and more - is stylishly re-created on the website. The spacious images round off the architectural offering.
  • Custom & hand made
  • UX
  • Quality Assurance
  • Hosting
Real estate agency Roxy