Marketing techniques for any new website

Whenever a new website starts up, there is never an easy way to get a lot of visitors quickly. Social media does allow, if it works, a fast growth process via viral distribution, but there is no guarantee. So... you have no choice but to open up a variety of marketing channels and to form links, so that as many visitors as possible find the click path to your website.

Here we summarise some tips on what action should be taken immediately after the launch of your website. Of course this list is not complete, but is a good plan to start with. Various niche websites benefit from different marketing strategies, and it is up to you to figure out which ones work best for you.

Create several backlinks

A backlink is basically an anchor that leads to a page on your website. Right after your site goes online, you should try to leave links in as many places as possible on the Internet. The easiest way is to use social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Another quick way to get backlinks is through blog comments. If there are blog articles relevant to your niche, please visit these and post comments there. Even three or four comments per week is enough. In a few weeks your site will certainly gets a push in the right direction. One advantage of blog comments is that they remain online for quite a long time – unless the website deletes older articles.

It is also important to note that Google analyses your link text, which affects the ranking of your website. If your backlink uses the text "online marketing strategy", it will generate different results than with the text "online marketing blog". Search engines evaluate and describe backlinks with regard to the text that it describes, and compare it with related keywords. Make use of this.

Create a personal touch

It never hurts to address a specific online market place and create personal contacts with people who may be interested in your website. Perhaps you know the e-mails in which you are invited to follow friends or forward contents. Often you have no interest, but time and again something relevant comes under the mouse pointer. So have the courage to also send mails.

One challenge when mailing people directly is that it does not come across as SPAM. Give your emails a personal touch by addressing each person, to whom you are sending the mail, in person. Or write why you chose exactly this person to write to. This is indeed a more expensive way of communicating, but with enough patience, the result is that you will receive high esteem.

Other places that are worth visiting are forums and message boards. There are many well-known forums that deal with almost all the topics you can imagine. These forums are full of people interested in that content. Give them what they want.


Public updates with social media

Blogs and online magazines have the ability to inform your readers about news on your website and present them with relevant contents. Even if your website does not always includes news because you have no time to maintain a blog, you should be keep people up to date on current events on a social media profile.

Twitter and Facebook are by far the most popular information networks to give short and sweet updates. However, probably the most interesting side of social media is not the wide distribution, but the open communication. These networks allow you to communicate with your customers. Free, direct and pleasantly informal. Take enough time to use it.

Final thoughts

There is no sure-fire Internet marketing strategy that gives you one thousand returning visitors immediately. You need a handful of different techniques and the time to see which paths are effective and promising. But undoubtedly the best time to start marketing is immediately after starting your website.

You can implement some of these tips without programming skills. The basic idea here is to feed the internet with links and to leave as much text as possible that identifies your brand, so get as many Internet users will be aware of it. Over time, you and your content will become more and more well known. And as long as they are relevant, they will also be gladly spread.

Good luck!