Project showcase

Institut de beauté Annette Weber-Krier

The objective

The design of the website had become obsolete, the institute wanted to integrate new features such as the possibility to order vouchers, to book online and to use other languages. Our goal was to create a website that showcases beauty and wellness, an intuitive user experience and quick access to services.

The solution

We designed and developed a modern, colourful, costum-built website with a responsive web design that reflects the brand Annette Weber. The navigation of the site allows the user to quickly find the information that interests him in a coherent and professional manner. The discreet integration of the salonkee's platform (directory for beauty salons) encourages more people to make an appointment.
  • Custom & hand made
  • UX
  • Quality Assurance
  • Hosting
Institut de beauté Annette Weber-Krier