Facebook Chronicle Design

Think of it what you will: Facebook is bustling with potential buyers, supporters and customers and they love to share and spread information. To benefit from it to, companies, sole entrepreneurs, projects or individual websites can set up fan pages or Facebook pages.

Facebook can be used to find fans, share new products, ask questions and give answers. You can discuss issues with the visiting public on and give them links to your company website. The entire communication is very direct and personal. In order to exploit this marketing potential to the full, it is worthwhile to create a high-quality company Facebook page. How this is done can be found here:

Since 31.03.2012, all Facebook pages are shown in the Chronicle view. Nothing has changed in terms of the well-known principle. Now only all content published by the user themselves appears in order. Just how do you design your Facebook chronicle to ensure it receives attention?

 Of course, you can use the following information for the design of your personal Facebook page. 

Cover photo

The cover photo is the first thing visitors see on your page. Choose a unique photo that shows your target audience, for example, how to use the product or a particular product picture that generates the right atmosphere. It is recommended to use colours and symbols you are already using in other places, such as your website. This gives the Chronicle a high recognition value.

When designing your Chronicle page, you should first know and follow certain guidelines:


  • No purchase advertising in the cover photo
    Stating prices is prohibited, as are statements such as "In our shop". Also, you cannot show contact addresses, telephone numbers and source code. Call to action phrases, such as "Get now" or "Buy now" are also not allowed. The inclusion of features such as the Facebook "Like" button is also forbidden. 

  • Observe copyrights
    Unfortunately, Facebook presumes to have a sub-licence for all content and images posted. However, many stock photo licences and other proprietary material does not always allow this. Therefore, even photos with creative commons licences cannot be used. So the best method is to use your own materials.

  • Additional imprint
    According to the German guidelines, a separate imprint must be created for the page. Simply writing the address in the information area is unfortunately not sufficient. You can easily create the imprint as a separate page, which is linked behind the cover photo.

Profile picture

Your profile picture is displayed quite largely on your profile page. However, in the news stream and in posts it will appear much smaller. Therefore, use a clearly recognisable motif that can also be identified when small. It should also match your cause. Ideally, you can identify your profile picture at first glance, no matter what size it appears. For very special designs, the profile picture is part of the cover photo and yet separately identifiable.


Place large, eye-catching milestones to announce key information, for example, if you have reached a certain number of fans or when announcing a new opening. The milestone photos should always have a reference to the event at first glance.

Hard facts

Graphics for the cover photo and profile picture should be created in the proposed sizes. This ensures that they are displayed properly and not distorted.

  • Profile picture: 180 x 180 pixels
  • Cover photo: 851 x 314 pixels
  • Milestone photo: 843 x 403 pixels
  • App image: 111 x 74 pixels
  • Videos: 1024 MB, length: max. 20 minutes



  • Chang cover photo regularly
    So that your visitors can see immediately that something is going on here. You can also inform them about special promotions, or change it every month or season.
  • Maintain profile picture
    You should not change your profile picture often. Visitors rapidly get used to the icon and are easily confused when it changes.
  • Post many pictures
    Try to show many photos and graphics in the Chronicle. Posts with pictures are read and commented on more often.
  • Set milestones
    You can also emphasize significant events with a nice photo, even if they are in the past.

Of course you can also use this information when designing your personal Facebook page. 

Facebook does not replace a website

Facebook is a fairly closed world and can be used very well for communication and distributing information. Nevertheless, as a company or project, if possible you should not stop maintaining your own website with its own content. You have control over your own site and you need not worry that the contents disappear or are sold. Facebook, Twitter and Co. are useful for picking people up and communicating with them. Good luck!