AMYMA recommends Sefrengo CMS

The following figure really speaks for itself: 90% of websites which leave our company are created with Sefrengo CMS. If we exclude the cases where a technical infrastructure was already present, the number of projects where Sefrengo was not the ideal choice can be counted on one hand.

Why Sefrengo?

Sooner or later a web agency has to choose a platform if they want to remain competitive. All the solutions we implement are handpicked: they have the ideal prerequisites for a particular problem, with them projects can be implemented as quickly and easily as possible and also more elegantly than with other solutions. In this arsenal of software solutions are CMS applications, frameworks and libraries with which a web agency can create brilliant, high-performance, barrier-free, intuitive web presences, which are also optimally referenced in search engines.

Sefrengo is one of the most popular of all our selected software solutions. The functional scope of Sefrengo is extensive enough to satisfy most requirements, whilst not offering excessive functionality, unnecessary for a content management system.

Sefrengo has two significant advantages:

On one hand it is very easy for end users to understand – generally, our customers can use it after just one or two hours training.

On the other, it is a complex platform which draws on profound knowledge to allow users with customers to solve data maintenance problems in a very user-friendly way (especially for multi-lingual web presences).

Moreover , there are no rigid boundaries or structures in Sefrengo for our graphic designers to stick to in order to guarantee the correct implementation and functionality of the later website. Any ambitious and detailed graphic design can be realised with Sefrengo as a content engine, this is not possible with other widely used CMS solutions such as Typo3 or Joomla.

Two further good reasons for using Sefrengo: modules and plug-ins.

Core functionalities are included in the installation of Sefrengo. These are the modules for creating navigation links, editing text and pictures, managing users, editor access rights etc. They enable the creation of simple web presences.

The functionality of Sefrengo can be extended using modules and plug-ins, for large websites with complex structures and heterogeneous content in several languages. A plug-in is an extension module, made up of program code, which extends a basic function in Sefrengo, such as a blog or newsletter system, or a functionality, such as the management of text libraries for multi-lingual websites.

This plug-in is configured and managed via a module, to allow for the functionality of the plug-in to be replicated at different places in the web presences (i.e. a news overview on the website’s homepage and a detailed news view on a separate page). In this way, Sefrengo can be easily extended, whilst remaining transparent. Only the modules and plug-ins required for the website’s functionality are installed.

There are already lots of modules and plug-ins for Sefrengo but if a function is missing, it can be programmed by our developers. For example, we extended our news system in this way, so we could offer news as an RSS feed which provided subscribers with news instantly, whilst the counterpart of the website in social networks like Facebook and Twitter is automatically updated with news from Sefrengo.

The example of Iceland Pro Travel group:

When Iceland Pro Travel Germany could no longer manage the volume of enquiries about Iceland tours from customers (each telephone consultation lasts 20-30 minutes), we developed the booking generator module. This allows customers to configure different tour types themselves directly on the website, such as rental car tours, bus and group tours and Greenland adventure tours. The different tour types are configured directly in Sefrengo by Iceland Pro Travel employees in branches in Germany, Switzerland, England, Sweden and Denmark.

Since introducing the booking generator, Iceland Pro Travel group employees have been able to process 30% more bookings per year.

When Sefrengo is no longer enough:

There are situations where other CMS solutions are a better option. We have also implemented web presences using Drupal, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Oxid and OSCommerce. However, sometimes the requirements are so specific, that none of the systems mentioned can be used. In these cases, our developers create client-specific solutions.